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What is EFT?

In its most basic practice, EFT consists of tapping your fingertips on specific meridian points while thinking or talking about events you feel distressed about. It's been called 'acupressure for your mind.' You can do this by yourself, as a self-help tool, it can aid you to feel calmer and help diffuse negative feelings.

I can teach you how.

When you work with a trained and certified practitioner (me), you are guided through the process of various tapping techniques. While we address the shifts in emotion and different aspects of events or situations, the negative emotions can subside and you can gain new insights to take forward.


My job is to ask the right questions:

to help pinpoint the places where you could be stuck,

with the goal of keeping you feeling SAFE while you process these issues.


*EFT is an energy-based coaching and self-help technique meant to help relieve stress and to experience greater well-being. EFT is not intended to be used to diagnosis or treat any medical problem or psychological disorder nor is EFT a substitute for licensed health care services. Please read the Disclaimer for further information.

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